Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence...welcome to Inverted Ideas Lab
Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence...welcome to Inverted Ideas Lab
Welcome to the Inverted Ideas Lab... ...the disruptors world of Artificial Intelligence!
         Welcome to the Inverted Ideas Lab...  ...the disruptors world of Artificial Intelligence!

Welcome to the disruptors world of AI and DApps.  Welcome to Inverted Ideas Lab 

Inverted Ideas Lab is a Startup co-founding and co-solving lab focused on Artificial Intelligence and Decentralized applications. The lab encourages and designs a distributed multi-locational project based collaboration, where working on the next generation ideas/applications at the comfort of team members is central, regardless of the location. The projects taken up in the Lab go through rigorous thought experiements, mental modeling with team members and a computer modeling of the product/service/business to determine project trajectory.


When cofounded, the ideas and teams are usually set up on an exponential growth path. Technology is our core strength and we leave no stone unturned to do the heavylifting on tech. That may involve initial proof of concept and taking the project/startup to the first set of customers or the market at large and deliver the compelling proposition it is set out to. This may mean an initial seed investment/co-investment from us. This also means a tremendous dedication from teams to return value to the society at large, be it to customers, team or investors. Execution energy is a key parameter in getting the teams focused on the identified market opportunity. From AI Applications(AIApps) to Decentralized Applications(DApps) over blockchain, our cofounded teams are striving to change the world for better.



If you have the desire to change the world through AI,  or through decentralization, we may be able to co-found a project or a start up venture with you. We would like to partner with folks who have the self belief to scale a disruptive idea.


We work across multiple application areas in AI from Fintech to Education and Health and algorithms for Robotics, Flying cars and Drones to Cybersecurity. On DApps, we believe many new business models can be modeled or reimagined either as a whole or a hybrid. Please send us a note with your calling and expertise areas.

Contact Us when you're ready!

If you beleive you can scale a disruptive idea or have ideas that can be realized with AI, please contact for a pre-screening at the email ID below with your non-confidential summary(please check the project section to assess if there is a match to an area already being pursued at the lab):


The lab is a distributed, multi-locational facility across different geographies on a dsitributed network and may be able to work with you at many locations.


Coordinating locations 

Parinee Crescenzo

Opp. MCA club,

BKC, G block, 

Mumbai, 400051


Knowledge Park

Hiranandani Gardens,


Mumbai, 400076


Please submit your proposal or book prior appointment for an in-person meeting via email


E-mail: inquiry@invertedideaslab.com

Getting social

We are not heavily present on social media but we will be pleased if you discuss about us on Facebook to announce our presence for participants in the AI world

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